Pronoun Hoop Earrings (Available 2-1-2021)

Sold out $6.00 - $12.00

Available in any configuration of She, Her, They or Them that you’d like these earrings are made to order. Add a message to your order and tell me what color you’d like, do you want glitter and if you’d like gold or silver hardware.

All hooks are hypoallergenic and nickel free!

The turn around for these earrings is 2 days before shipping. This will allow the resin to cure 100% so it be won’t bend in transit.

* we are in the process of working with a 3D printer to help us make He/Him and neopronoun negatives.

** We are in the process of sourcing better colorants and glitters. Due to slow USPS shipping we will not be able to provide custom colors until the February 1, 2021 restock.